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My name is Pennie Opal Plant. I am of Yaqui, Mexican, Choctaw, Cherokee and European ancestry.  I opened Gathering Tribes in 1991 to share the beauty of Native America.  I am always amazed and in awe of the bounty of talent in Indian Country.  During the time that I have owned Gathering Tribes, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many incredible artists and jewelers. I am inspired by the seemingly infinite ways that Native people have of expressing themselves and their connection to the Great Mystery and aspects of their tribal cultures and traditions.

At Gathering Tribes, you will find arts, crafts & jewelry from North, Central and South America. At one time, there were no boundaries that separated the tribes in the Americas. People were free to trade with each other without the constraint of political boundaries. There is an ancient prophesy that speaks of the time when the eagle of the north and the condor of the south will come together again. That time has come at Gathering Tribes, where we celebrate Native American arts without boundary restrictions.

You are invited to join our circle by signing up on our e-mail list. By doing so, you will receive our announcements about events at Gathering Tribes, as well as notices of Native events in the San Francisco Bay Area which has one of the largest urban Indian populations in the country. While at shows and on reservations throughout the country, I sometimes send e-mails about the new artists that I'm meeting, along with photos of them and their work.

If you are able to visit the gallery, you may find Michael Horse there working on his beautiful ledger paintings and sharing his very amusing stories. We are partners in life and are mutually supportive of one another's purpose in the wide arena of Native American arts and culture. We enjoy our travels together sharing the beauty of Native America and meeting new and old friends. If you find yourself at the Santa Fe Indian Market in August, please come and look for us at Little Bird Gallery at the Inn at the Loretto, which shows Michael's ledger paintings and jewelry.

Peace & All Good Things to You,

Pennie Opal Plant

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