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Zuni Carver Todd Westika: Animals Have Power

Saturday June 15, 2019 10:00 AM - Sunday June 16, 2019 6:00 PM

Meet Award-Winning Zuni Fetish Carver, Todd Westika

Saturday, June 15th - 10am to 6pm & Sunday, June 16th - 11am to 5pm

Gathering Tribes: 1412 Solano Ave., Albany CA 94706

Todd Westika is an award-winning carver from Zuni Pueblo in Northwest New Mexico.  He uses a variety of stones and other materials in carving animals and corn maidens.  While he was born and raised in Zuni where there are hundreds of fetish carvers, he basically taught himself.  Todd's carvings include contemporary designs as well as the traditionally "old style" carvings.

In his own words: "I have always considered Mother Nature to be the most creative artist and I am just happy to collaborate with her to help bring out the animals/corn maidens which live within the stones. Zuni fetishes are based on our rich Pueblo culture.  As much as I enjoy carving, I also like to share the history of our art and will answer any questions that visitors may have about my work or fetishes in general."

Zuni artisans have been carving "fetishes" for hundreds of years.  Traditionally, the carvings were are utelized in ceremonies at Zuni Pueblo for a variety of purposes, including hunting and healing.  Today, these carvings are collected by people around the world for their beauty and for the spiritual qualities they embody.

Todd is a traditional Zuni man who is an expert on Zuni fetishes and his culture which is thousands of years old, and which continues to utelize Zuni carvings in their religious practices.  He is happy to talk about the aspects of his culture that are allowed by Zuni traditions, and can explain the powers and responsibilities which particular animals hold. 

Artists receive 100% of the proceeds of their sales at Gathering Tribes events. A free list of animals and the way in which it is believed that they assist humans is available at Gathering Tribes.  Please see more examples of Todd Westika's carvings below: 


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