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Huichol Indian Yarn Painting With The Moon

Huichol Indian Yarn Painting With The Moon

This colorful yarn painting was handmade by a Huichol artist. The Huichol Indians live in an isolated region of the western Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Their art expresses their religious feelings and beliefs acquired through a life time of paticipation in ceremonies and rituals. A special mix of beeswax and pine resin is used to attach yarn (or beads) to wood and gourds depicting different symbols from the Huichol's everyday world as well as the spirit realm. Each exquisite creation signifies a person's good thoughts or desires for happy, healthy, and abundant lives. The story of the specific piece is written in Spanish on the back and signed by the artist. The Huichol are related to the Hopis, the Utes, the Aztecs, and other tribes in the Southwest and Mexico.

This yarn painting of the moon also depicts objects used to heal sick individuals including peyote, feathers, a pipe, and leaves of the macuchi plant.

This painting's measurements are:

Width: 11 3/4 inches

Height: 11 3/4 inches

Depth: 1/4 inch

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