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Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Bear Pendent by Lester James, Navajo

Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Bear Pendent by Lester James, Navajo
Navajo jeweler Lester James created this beautiful sterling silver tufa cast bear
pendent set with Candelaria turquoise. This is a large and impressive pendant with a
large bail that can fit a thicker chain or strand of 6mm beads.
The process to make tufa cast jewelry is much different than other forms of jewelry
making. Soft volcanic stone, called tufa, is cut in half. The design is carved into one or
both halves, with a pour hole and vents also carved into the tufa, and both halves are
bound together. The molten gold or silver is then poured through the hole. If there are
any microscopic cracks in the tufa it will break apart and the entire process must begin
again. The texture from the tufa gives each piece an organic look.
In some tribes the bear is considered to be the guardian of the West, provides healing
at all levels, as well as introspection, and protection.
2 ¾ inch length
3 ¼ width
¾ inch turquoise length
1 inch turquoise width
½ inch opening

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